New Daily Plan

New Daily Plan

After reading this article: I set my self some goals that I want to accomplish on a day to day basis. One of these goals is to blog or write a journal for 15mins per day (hence writing this really). A lot of things on the list I enjoy but am just too lazy to start doing them, which is why I want to try and stick to doing as much as I can on the list! A few of the things on the list are 30mins exercise a day – this is one of the things that I struggle to do because I find it hard to find the motivation to exercise after I’ve been at work all day, especially when the weather is as cold/icy as it as with winter here, but I do get a great sense of achievement after exercising, even if it is just for 30m. Another goal is 30 minutes reading a day – this one is something that I’m determined to do, as I have currently got about 7 books in my “to read” list that I just never seem to get round to reading. I’ve never been one for reading unless I’m on holiday, in which case I’ll happily lie on the beach and read all day! But I find it’s one of those things where, once I get started, I can’t put a good book down and I really enjoy it. In the article linked above the guy writes

Think about what you expose yourself to. There’s a million shitty blogs on the internet written by whoever. But then there’s books out there that will change your life. Books that the most gifted human beings on earth have spent years writing. A lifetime of experiences, insights, and lessons learned given to you in a nice handheld easily digestible form.

This really makes me think about how I should read more and watch more documentaries rather than watching trash TV (although I have to say “doomsday preppers” is quite amazing) etc. – do something with my spare time that will both interest me and better/further my knowledge! Another on the list is “30 mins of French”, and to be honest, it could have been any wide spoken language, but French is something I started learning at GCSE level and so I thought it would possibly be the best option (also my girlfriend Siân speaks German quite well, so I don’t need to learn that really!). One of the main reasons I want to learn a language is that I hate going to other countries and being another ignorant British tourist who can barely speak their own language, never mind the language of the country they’re in!

Anyway, as I do seem to struggle to motivate my self to do anything I think this list should be quite good at keeping myself on track better!



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