Hard Drive Clock

Hard Drive Clock

So, this is my first post in nearly a year! I massively failed at my original aim to keep the blog updated with an entry per week or so, but I’m going to try and set a more realistic aim of at least one entry per month.


I’ve been meaning to get round to making a hard drive clock for months now and as per usual it got forgotten or put to the back of my mind while I did other stuff. I finally got round to creating my hard drive clock at the weekend, and even though it ended up being a bit of a bodge job, I still think it turned out quite nicely.


I started off using an old 20GB IDE drive that came out of an old server I had lieing around gathering dust! I bought a clock movement from eBay for £2.99+£2.20p&p (item number: 271013022766), I bought this particular one as it had a long 20mm shaft (as this is roughly how long it would have been to pass through the cylinder that spins with the platter).

My original plan was to drill through the cylinder and simply slot the clock movement through and secure it in place, however this proved to be harder than I imagined! I started drilling the cylinder and got to about 2mm in when it refused to go any further, I’m not sure if it was my drill bit wasn’t sharp enough or a tough enough metal, either way, it wasn’t budging. So I resorted to removing the spindle and simply fixing the movement in place using glue, however I had an extra 10-15mm to make up from the lack of cylinder! Due to the lack of wood and any other materials lying around, I decided to use a small roll of sellotape. I cut the roll of sellotape down to size so that the clock movement sat just flush with the disk platter and glued it in between the clock movement and the back of the hard drive, wish resulted in the finished product. The finishing touch was to fix the circuit board from the hard drive onto the back, to act as a stand.

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